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The local language, along with its history and influences, is also a very important aspect of discovering a new culture. Which is why we chose to give you a few tips about the language spoken in Cape Verde.

The official language of Cape Verde is Portuguese, and while English is spoken in hotels and in some restaurants, it’s Creole that is most commonly used as the locally spoken language. Creole is based on Portuguese with additions from several African and European languages.

There are many different forms of Creole in the world, with various linguistic origins, but Cape Verdean Creole is the oldest still-spoken Creole, and the most widely spoken Portuguese-based form. Although a small archipelago, each of the inhabited islands has developed a Creole dialect of its own. The São Vicente variant is the second most widely spoken Cape Verdean dialect, widely spread on the island but also among the Diaspora.

Cape Verdeans appreciate it when you try to communicate in their native language, so we encourage you to give a shot! It’s really great fun and our local staff would be more than happy to practice with you if you want to perfect your pronunciation:

  • Good morning: Bon dia
  • Good afternoon: Bon tardi
  • Good evening: Bon noiti
  • Please: Pur favor
  • Thank you: Obrigadu
  • You’re welcome: Di nada
  • Yes: Sin
  • No: Nau
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