Cape Verde – diamond in the rough

by Villa St. Aubyn on January 19, 2015 No comments

I sail the world since 2011 and I find Cape Verde a stunning place. Mainstream tourism has found its way there, but did not manage to excavate this diamond in the rough. Most tourism is last minute and all inclusive holidays to the islands Sal and Boa Vista where thousands enjoy the beaches and weather. I personally didn´t fly to Cape Verde but sailed there. What should have been a one week visit turned into a year and a half as the islands intrigued me and I set out to discover them.

Having travelled extensively in 8 of the 10 islands, I now know a thing or two about the islands and I hope to help people make sensible choices when visiting. So I started a website on the Cape Verde islands to inform people as the islands really are so much more than all inclusive resorts and beaches.

The issue is that at the moment making sensible choices is anything but easy as a major part of the information on the internet is provided by travel agencies and tourism companies which inform people in line with their vested interests in Sal and Boa Vista. But although the beaches there are lovely, all islands have gorgeous beaches and above else the other Cape Verdean islands have so much more to offer than merely beach.

Music for instance is at the soul of every Cape Verdean and I doubt if there is any country inhabited by less than half a million people which has produced so many world acknowledged musicians as the Cape Verdes. To show this part of Cape Verde better, you can enjoy the music on the website of Cesária Évora, Lura and Sara Tavares, a few of the musical wonders the islands produced.

But the Cape Verde nature is possibly even more impressing as the islands are geological marvels. One of the islands for example (Sao Nicolau), has one side which is dry and sandy with a barren moon landscape. When you climb the biggest mountain and walk in the valley on the other side you will find a green, lush and wet impressive landscape. Sailing the islands to see all these wonders is something I can highly recommend. You will find a sailing holiday tip here and a route Mindelo Sao Nicolau.

The people of Cape Verde are another hidden treasure as kindness, hospitality and sharing form the cornerstone of Cape Verdean society.  At festivities like the annual carnival, New Year’s, Christmas, Mandinga party’s and the infamous three day Bahia das Gatas festival one can truly appreciate the spirit of the Cape Verdean people.

For those who consider to visit these gorgeous islands, I hope the website can provide a better picture so people can make a well informed choice on which islands to go to. The website for the time being is in Dutch but we will bring an English version online as soon as possible and if you’r Dutch is not up to speed, you can enjoy the music and pictures just the same. You can visit the website here: “Cape Verde islands” / Kaapverdische eilanden/

Villa St. AubynCape Verde – diamond in the rough

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