Cape Verde Weather surprises

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Cape Verde weather has some surprises which are not well known. It harbors some amazing micro climates across the islands. These micro climates cause green hillsides to coexist next to dry desert like planes. Yes, Cape Verde weather is great. It offers year round sunshine, nice temperatures and a dry climate. But there is more to the story than just that…

Cabo Verde weather Sao Nicolau

Cabo Verde weather Sao Nicolau

Sunny and pleasant

First off the obvious; Cape Verde weather is pleasant. It has average high temperatures ranging from 24C degrees in January to 29C in September. Moreover the sun is normally seen day round with a minimum of 6 sun hours in August to as much as 10 daily sun hours in April! So whichever month you go, you can be sure to return with a nice summer tan.

Cape Verde weather in Sao Vicente Mindelo

Cape Verde weather in Sao Vicente (Mindelo)

Surprised by micro climates

You will find the surprises on the high islands like Santo Antão, São Nicolau and Santiago. These have high peaks causing the air to condense and rain to fall in abundance. Their flanks harbor micro climats different from the general Cape Verde Weather. They support tropical forrests and vegetation. So you will be interested to know  that Mindelo, the cultural island, is dry with sunny beaches. But Santo Antão (only a one hour ferry trip away) has green valleys which are great for exploring.

Over the board though rain is rare. But when it does occur it rains cats and dogs. With an average rainfall of only 265 mm per year there is not a lot of rain to come by. But with only 15 rainy days, when it does come it comes in heavy short lived downpoors. So even if you get lucky and see it, you can be sure that Cape Verde weather is not going to ruin your holliday as it passes quickly.

Plan your trip

Only on Mindelo and Santiago you will find a daily ferry service. The other islands only offer reliable but expensive flights (when you book on site). So if you wish to experience the marvelous micro climates and varied landscapes in Cape Verde, make sure to plan your trip well in advance.

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Cabo Verde weather Sao Vicente Mindelo

Cabo Verde weather Sao Vicente Mindelo

JoshuaCape Verde Weather surprises

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