Celebrating Baia das Gatas!

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Celebrating Baia (Bahia) das Gatas!

This weekend the full moon Baia das Gatas festival is celebrated in Saõ Vicente. Baia (Bahia) das Gatas is Saõ Vicente’ s biggest annual music festival. And where Mindelo carnival is mostly about eyecandy, Baia das Gatas is all about music.

The festival started some 31 years ago and brings the entire island together in the bay of cats (euphemism for pretty ladies). Visitors are treated to the best of Cape Verdean and international music and an unbeatable atmosphere.

How it started

The festival originates in the eighties when a group of befriended musicians came together one summer to make music in Baia das Gatas. They came to spend the weekend to share music. Many people joined them to listen and the event turned into a big success. They decided to repeat it the following year and invite other musicians and more people to join. The initiative caught on rapidly and grew into the Baia das Gatas festival of today.

Bahia das Gatas - Sao Vicente

Bahia das Gatas – Sao Vicente

What it is today

Every year during the full moon weekend in August, tens of thousands flock the Baia Das Gatas festival.The majority consists of Cape Verdeans and Brazilians but also an increasing number of tourists join the party. The music is mostly in (Brazilian) Portuguese and Cape Verdean Creolo and consists of a a wide range of styles like Morna, Funana, Zouk, Reggae and Brazilian music.

How you can visit

How you can visit Baia das Gatas is quit simple; just show up. In the spirit of the first initiative the three day festival has remained for free. The only thing you need is accommodation, party clothes and transportation to and back from Mindelo to Baia (a twenty minute drive).

Bahia das Gatas - Sao Vicente

Bahia das Gatas – Sao Vicente

 What we provide

We at Villa st. Aubyn in Mindelo provide our clients with transportation in the form of a rental car or if so required a taxi to and from Baia. It is a mere 20 minute drive. We also have rooms available for the special Baia and carnival rates. As we are sold out every year it is important to book as soon as possible. So if you think to visit next year’s Baia das Gatas Saõ Vicente, make a reservation with us today! And for this year, watch and enjoy the pictures and music at the dedicated Baia das Gatas website or enjoy the vibe in these video’s.

JoshuaCelebrating Baia das Gatas!

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