10 reasons why São Vicente should be on your bucket list

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Have you ever heard of Mindelo São Vicente? São Vicente is an island about 950 kilometres west of Senegal and part of the Cabo Verde archipelago. On São Vicente about 80.000 people share a love for music, dance and culture. It is the cultural capital of the Cabo Verde islands and a place you want to put high up your bucket list!

10.   São Vicente is the most bustling and exotic island of the North Atlantic. It breathes Portuguese          colonial architecture, African rhythm and a brilliant mixture of culture.

  1. Have you ever seen a face shaped mountain kiss the sun? In São Vicente bay you have an extraordinary view of monte cara “face mountain”. Every night at sunset the mountain kisses the sun goodnight. An amazing sight to behold.
  1. The people of São Vicente belong to the most genetically diverse in the world and are considered the most beautifull people of Africa. They are a proud people and pride themselves in exercise and bodily care. And as a result of centuries of migration it is not unusual in São Vicente to find colored people with blue eyes and white people with dark curly hair.
  1. The historic lines of Brazil run via São Vicente and if you like Brazil you will love Cape Verde. Cape Verde is where the decendants of Brazil passed through on their way to the America’s and it is the cultural cradle of Brazilian culture.
  1. Another good reason to visit São Vicente, is to witness the birth of the green mountain. Once a year when the rains come in the end of august, the majestic green mountain (Monte Verde) sheds its dust and turns into a fertile green as it soaks up the annual rains.
  1. São Vicente harbors one of the best free festivals in the world. Every year the Baia (Bahia) das Gatas takes place in August. It is a three day celebration of love, dance and good music. Visiting Baia das gatas will leave you wondering how people in such an isolated place can share such a strong vibe of happiness.
  1. São Vicente is the only connection to the island of Santo Antão. So if you wish to visit the natural wonder of Santo Antão, you will want to add São Vicente to your itinerary.
  1. São Vicente harbors one of the best New-Years parties in the world. Forget about Times square, London or Sydney. In the middle of the Atlantic on a small island you will find a unforgetable night filled with shared laughs, drinks, dance, music and fireworks. And at midnight don’t forget to visit the waterfront and jump in the sea with the locals (all dressed). And do make sure you are rested as the party goes untill 9 AM when it gets reignited by the women of São Vicente which give a spectacular drumshow.
  1. São Vicente has some of the best dancing in the world. The people of Mindelo are well connected online and enjoy mixing African and modern pop dancemoves. When you go out in town you will see the most creative and cool dancemoves in the clubs. But it doesn’t stop there, they gladly tag you along and teach you some!
  1. Carnival in São Vicente is one of the last non commercial carnivals in the world. It is often named a mini Brazilian carnival. Carnival in São Vicente is not a party on an island but an island in a party as all 80.000 people join in to celebrate one of the best carnivals in the world!

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Joshua10 reasons why São Vicente should be on your bucket list

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