Five secret spots in Mindelo you don’t want to miss

by Joshua on November 3, 2015 No comments

Mindelo is a city of many special secret places. It is not always easy to find these spots, but when you do, they are precious surprises. In this article, five special secret spots in Mindelo you definitely don’t want to miss out on.


  1. Lunch, dance and music on Sunday

Every Sunday, around 1PM, in Calhau on the other side of the island, there is a lunch with live music and dance. You can take a taxi or Ana can arrange a rental for you. In Calhau, the lunch is a fresh buffet with plenty of local ingredients and specialities. The feast starts by sounding of a ships bell. After lunch there is time for dessert and coffee followed by local dancing. After the two experts lead the way, and dessert is finished, the tables are put aside and the crowd happily dances away.

  1. The best pizza you have ever had

In a suburb of Mindelo you can eat the best Pizza you have ever had, guaranteed. This pizzeria is hidden away below street level in a maze of small alleys and street. At the heart of the pizzeria is an Italian Pizzaiolo, who passionately makes Pizza’s in this basement pizzeria in Mindelo. When you go to Mindelo you can ask your local guide, or at your accommodation if they can take you there. Of course if you stay at Villa St. Aubyn, Ana or one of our other staff members will lead you the way.


  1. French bread

Bread in the supermarkets of Cape Verde is normally quit good, but there is a bakery in an alley of “Rua de Libertad” where you can find great crunchy bread in French style for a couple of quarters. Add to that local goat cheese with Papaya compote, French cheese or local chorizo and you have found a very tasty snack.


4. Pastel de Nata

“Pastel de Nata” is a delicious Portuguese sweet snack which goes well with coffee or tea. At PasteleriaMorabeza, they understand the art of making these delicious pastries. In the city centre, ask for pastelaria Morabeza and surely you will be pointed in the right direction.


5. Lazinha

In summer ( but als outside of summer), Lazinha in Mindelo is the place to relax. The city beach lives up and locals go there to see and to be seen. In between the gallivanting, you can drink a refreshing beer, buy a meal or take a refreshing dive in the blue water. Lazinha might very well be the most sociable beach in the Cape Verdes!

Lazinha beach

That’s it, the five tips which you might not have thought of on the spot in Sao Vicente. The Cape Verde islands keep surprising, that makes the islands so much fun. Bom dia!




JoshuaFive secret spots in Mindelo you don’t want to miss

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