Mindelo Hotel: “We don’t settle for less”

by Joshua on May 5, 2016 No comments

We at Villa St. Aubyn here in Mindelo are proud of what we do. We started one of the first Boutique Hotels in Sao Vicente back in 2008. Since the beginning we’ve aimed at providing excellent customer experience for fair prices. Affordable luxury as we like to call it.

Hotel Mindelo

Hotel Mindelo – one of our rooms


We continuously listen to our customers and improve our Mindelo hotel as we go along. Yes, many other international hotels offer luxury, but all to often at a price excluding young families, because they can’t afford it.

It’s always been our goal to be inclusive so we continue to focus on affordable luxury. This is reflected in our customer reviews which since the beginning averaged 9.0 or above and in our rates starting at an accessibel EUR 55 for a double room.

But last fall something happened. For the first time our average reviews on booking.com dropped to 8,9. What had happened? Did we lose touch with our clients? Where we overly focussed on future plans? What did we do wrong?

We sat down together and talked with our staff. We listened to our clients and we worked meticulously to regain lost ground and increase our hotel’s service levels. Now we are proud to say that we are back. This spring we received several reviews in the higher 9,0 levels, bringing us back to a 9,0 average.

So there you have it. If you are looking for affordable luxury in Sao Vicente, we are proud to say that hotel Villa ST Aubyn is still the best hotel deal in Mindelo. We simply don’t settle for less.

Psst: Did you know? You can book a room in our hotel in Mindelo also directly with us? Simply book via this link and enjoy the benefit of being in touch with us before you arrive.

JoshuaMindelo Hotel: “We don’t settle for less”

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