New flights to Mindelo with TUI Fly

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Mindelo on the island São Vicente is the second largest city of Cape Verde with over 80.000 inhabitants. The city is known as the cultural capital of the archipelago and, although tourism is small, the city draws increasing number of tourists. This fall TUI-Fly will start operating weekly flights to Mindelo from Amsterdam, Mindelo is the cultural heart of Cape Verde.TuiFly

Mindelo is a “must visit” when you go to Cape Verde


The city embodies Cape Verde culture, music and nostalgia in a stimulating mix of which you can smell the aroma’s in the many small cafes. But if you wish to get really intimate with the Cape Verdean culture, nothing beats submerging yourself in Cape Verde dancing. Sensual and passionate, but be ware! Dancing only commences after 01:00 AM (or later) and the parties and clubs normally close around sunset.



Late ? Maybe, but the Cape Verde lifestyle better known as “Morabeza” is a way of life which is all about music, joy and being welcome. You live now. Dance. Laugh. Celebrate life. Until the sun replaces the moon and every part of your body is filled with joy and you have danced your worries away. Where stress in the West is common, in Caper Verde “no stress” is a conscious lifestyle.


TuiFly starts  in November for the first time operating flights between Amsterdam and Mindelo besides the regular services to the Cape Verde islands Sal and Boa Vista.  The flights to Mindelo continue in spring and summer and can be booked via TuiFly. Use airportcode AMS (Amsterdam) and VXE (Sao Vicente).


Boa Viagem!

Nederlandse informatie? Hier vind je alles over Kaapverdie.

JoshuaNew flights to Mindelo with TUI Fly

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