Local sights

Porto Grande

Porto Grande is São Vicente’s main port. Located in the western part of the city, it overlooks Mindelo Bay, an underwater volcanic crater. Enclosed between mountains and the ocean, Porto Grande has been classified as one of the most beautiful in the world by UNESCO. Outside the bay, the small island of Ilhéu de Pássaros with its old lighthouse rises from the sea.

Villa St Aubyn is only a short walk from Porto Grande and the lively shore-side area filled with local markets and stunning views of the Atlantic.

After visiting Porto Grande you can easily return to the villa and watch the beautiful sunset from the roof terrace with an aperitif.

São Vicente

São Vicente is located to the north-west of the Cape Verde archipelago. The interior of the island has a dramatic mountainous terrain, while the coastal areas offer golden sand beaches.

São Vicente is the most cultural of the islands with a rich tradition of music and art. Visitors are almost always guaranteed sunny skies with a warm,

dry climate and no hurricane season. Tourists often report their satisfaction at the lack of mosquitoes and other insects.


Mindelo is the largest, most picturesque town in Cape Verde. It is a lively, cultural place and a perfect holiday destination.

Small cobbled streets lead onto wide avenues lined with palm trees, colourful buildings and architecture from the Portuguese and British colonial era.

Mindelo has two tennis clubs and Cape Verde’s only golf course – the world’s only baked dirt golf course, a legacy from the British.

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