New flights to Mindelo with TUI Fly

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Mindelo on the island São Vicente is the second largest city of Cape Verde with over 80.000 inhabitants. The city is known as the cultural capital of the archipelago and, although tourism is small, the city draws increasing number of tourists. This fall TUI-Fly will start operating weekly flights to Mindelo from Amsterdam, Mindelo is the cultural heart of Cape Verde.TuiFly

Mindelo is a “must visit” when you go to Cape Verde

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JoshuaNew flights to Mindelo with TUI Fly

Mindelo Hotel: “We don’t settle for less”

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We at Villa St. Aubyn here in Mindelo are proud of what we do. We started one of the first Boutique Hotels in Sao Vicente back in 2008. Since the beginning we’ve aimed at providing excellent customer experience for fair prices. Affordable luxury as we like to call it.

Hotel Mindelo

Hotel Mindelo – one of our rooms


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JoshuaMindelo Hotel: “We don’t settle for less”

São Vicente gateway to wondrous Santo Antao

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There are many reasons to travel to São Vicente – Mindelo. Not only the year round sunshine, the beautifull people, the music, fresh seafood and many celebrations. But also Mindelo is the gateway, the only way in fact, to travel to the wonderous island of Santo Antão.

Santo Antao by

Santo Antao by

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JoshuaSão Vicente gateway to wondrous Santo Antao

Mindelo São Vicente in 12 pictures

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Mindelo – São Vicente is well known as the cultural capital of the Cape Verde islands. The people on the island live for family, good music,food and dance. The island is in the North West of the archipelago and just opposite of the island of Santo Antão. A short impression of Mindelo – São Vicente in these 12 pictures:

Mandinga celebration

Mandinga celebration

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JoshuaMindelo São Vicente in 12 pictures

10 reasons why São Vicente should be on your bucket list

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Have you ever heard of Mindelo São Vicente? São Vicente is an island about 950 kilometres west of Senegal and part of the Cabo Verde archipelago. On São Vicente about 80.000 people share a love for music, dance and culture. It is the cultural capital of the Cabo Verde islands and a place you want to put high up your bucket list!

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Joshua10 reasons why São Vicente should be on your bucket list

Celebrating Baia das Gatas!

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Celebrating Baia (Bahia) das Gatas!

This weekend the full moon Baia das Gatas festival is celebrated in Saõ Vicente. Baia (Bahia) das Gatas is Saõ Vicente’ s biggest annual music festival. And where Mindelo carnival is mostly about eyecandy, Baia das Gatas is all about music.

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JoshuaCelebrating Baia das Gatas!

Cape Verde Weather surprises

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Cape Verde weather has some surprises which are not well known. It harbors some amazing micro climates across the islands. These micro climates cause green hillsides to coexist next to dry desert like planes. Yes, Cape Verde weather is great. It offers year round sunshine, nice temperatures and a dry climate. But there is more to the story than just that…

Cabo Verde weather Sao Nicolau

Cabo Verde weather Sao Nicolau

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JoshuaCape Verde Weather surprises