10 reasons why São Vicente should be on your bucket list

by Joshua on August 28, 2015 No comments

Have you ever heard of Mindelo São Vicente? São Vicente is an island about 950 kilometres west of Senegal and part of the Cabo Verde archipelago. On São Vicente about 80.000 people share a love for music, dance and culture. It is the cultural capital of the Cabo Verde islands and a place you want to put high up your bucket list!

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Joshua10 reasons why São Vicente should be on your bucket list

Morna and traditional music

by Villa St. Aubyn on September 3, 2014 No comments

You may have heard of São Vicente’s thriving music scene, its vibrant nightlife and colourful music festivals. Guests are always pleasantly surprised of how present music is in the everyday life of Cape Verdeans and how beautiful and distinctive the islands’ traditional sounds are.

Although it is believed to have originated on the island of Boa Vista, Morna music spread quickly to São Vicente where the island’s cosmopolitanism and openness to foreign influences helped it flourish and enrich. A number of local musicians and composers turned it into a worldwide success, pinning Mindelo on the map as the spiritual home of Morna.

The style is said to have appeared on the islands sometime in the 18th century. It evolved and was enriched with time, becoming known and loved worldwide in the 1960s. Lyrics are usually in Cape Verdean Creole and the vocalist is often accompanied by a guitar, a violin, an accordion, a bass guitar, a piano and a cavaquinho – a Portuguese instrument, similar to a ukulele. It resembles Blues, but is more touching and emotional.

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Villa St. AubynMorna and traditional music